Due to the ongoing over-demand versus supply challenges, but in an effort to continue being able to supply a limited number of these products Monitor Products is currently NOT painting any of our Fresh Water Cooling system products. This will not affect the life expectation of the products, but we do still recommend them to be painted by the customer before installation.

Conversion Kits - Hi-Performance

Hi-Performance Chevy Big Block V8 Block Only
$1680.00 View Product
Hi-Performance Chevy Small BlockV8 Block Only
$1386.00 View Product
Off-Engine High Performance 500-700 HP
$1847.99 View Product
Hose Kit for Off-Engine High Performance Kits
$188.00 View Product
Bracket Kit for Off-Engine High Perf. Kits
$135.00 View Product
Off-Engine High Performance 700-900 HP
$2268.00 View Product